Sunday, July 7, 2013

Top 10 Most Handsome Korean In Mynn's Mind

just found new game on timeline! HA HA HA its funny but srsly very exciting! 

Its start with me. When i watched tv show "I'm Curious About It:Top 50 Most Handsome Korean" on korean channel and Tris keep asking me "Key ada tersenarai tak? Donghae ada tak?" jiha unnie too "budak pulau ade tersenarai tak?" LOL i was like a reporter to them. kekeke ^^ sadly to say but our bias is not listed there. Thus jiha unnie giving some idea why not we ranked it ourselves? 

So I decided the header, Top 10 Most Handsome Korean in Jiha-Mynn-Tris Mind. We dealt to revealing our own rank on 11pm. But due to bad weather in jiha unnie place (prevent from wifi modem explode LOL), we reveal it early on 10.45pm. 

This is "Ranking suka hati". But seriously its hard to put our bias, our favorite actor, to list it in order how high their handsome level. Dude, i swear i nearly had mental collapsed cz i wish to put all of them on rank #1 cz they're really BAPAK SEGALA HANDSOMEEEEE!!!!

Okay, lets start from rank #10 to #1 from Mynn's Mind

#10 Lee Taemin (SHINee)

Best features from my view: Taemin's kissable lips

#9 Sandeul (B1A4)

*eh, nak cakap sebenarnya kite ada cap sama macam Sandeul. cuma different color je :p

Best features from my view: Baby face

 #8 Kim Jonghyun (SHINee)

Best features from my view: Puppy eyes

#7 Choi Minhwan (FT Island)

 Best features from my view: Pouting mouth & small eyes

#6 Lee Minho

Best features from my view: Sweet smile & height

#5 Key (SHINee)

 Best features from my view: Milky skin & 'Diva'ness

#4 Lee Jaejin (FT Island)

Best features from my view: Thin lips & tiny nose

#3 So JiSub & Dennis Oh

Best features from my view: Jisub's sorrow eyes & Dennis seductive eyes

#2 TOP (BigBang)

 Best features from my view: Strong gaze & sexy voice

#1 Choi JongHoon (FT Island)

 *still lookin extremely seductive huh eventhough he's just kissing a WALL :/

  *cute as rabbit on stage >_<

*his muscle OMG *ovaries exploded*

 Best features from my view: Leader charms, Seductive, Well-build body, Sharp nose, Plump lips, Beautiful jaw-line, AHHH ALMOST PERFECT FOR HANDSOME LEADER HOONIE!!!

And now im gonna reveal rank from Jiha unnie & Tris Mind :D

Top 10 Most Handsome Korean In Jiha's Mind:
#1 Jang Geun Seuk
#2 Lee Hong Gi  
#3 Lee Min Ho
#4 Choi Jong Hoon
#5 Choi Si Won
#6 Song Seung Hyun
#7 Lee Dong Wook
#8 CNU B1A4
#9 Lee Seung Gi
#10 Bae Yong Joon

Top 10 Most Handsome Korean In Tris's Mind:
#1 Choi jong Hoon
#2 TOP
#3 Key
#4 Hwang Chan Sung
#5 Lee Dong Hae
#6 Lee Hong Gi
#7 Choi Min Ho
#8 Kim Bum
#9 Kim Hyun Joong
#10 Hyun Bin

HAHAHA surprisingly my first and second ranked are same with tris. Im quite shocked tho. At first i think her number 1 must be her handsome Donghae *since Donghae her ult bias*, but after i saw Donghae ranked on #5 im quite sure that Jonghoon must be on the top. heee :D And jiha unnie too, she choose Jang GeunSeuk over Hongki. Ahh, yeah. Jiha unnie chat me on fb and asking me "why i didnt list hongki on? is he not handsome?" LOL jiha unnie u such a cutie. hahahahah XD just friendly reminder this is "Ranking Suka Hati". hehehehe ^^

Sooooo, our next ranking game will be "Top 10 k-Idol Most Wanted Hug". Can't wait for this!  

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