Friday, July 19, 2013

Key's Rainbow Hair

See photo of Key above. Extremely hot isn't he?

I'm not gonna write a long entry, just sharing a few photo of SHINee Key with his gorgeous rainbow hair! Yeahhhh i damn love his rainbow hair *dats why I come out with this entry :D* I swear Key suit well with those hair color and pleaseee my dear Kim Kibum, i wish it was permanent color >_< Sighhhh, wishing much but sadly Key just using hair chalk. Means it was temporary color only. Hmmphh nvm baby, as long as my diva is still hawtt. This photo are taken from Mnet 20's Choice Award and still not late to congratulate our shining SHINee for winning Best Performance Award! YEAYYYY!!!! /big clap/

Err, I think this is not SHINING SHINee, 
but COLORFUL SHINee!!! I love their outfit :D

photo from Key instagram update

Auww baby youre sweating. Lemme wipe for you :p

Cute reaction from our diva :o

Auww sweet smile ever :D

Yeahh, looking hawt during performance!

Clap baby clap clap clapp!!!

Can u see who's the most stunning here? 
Of course our Diva Key!

Those lips >_< tooooooo seductive!

Wut u tryin to explain?

Those pouting mouth are killing me >_<

You? Waving at me?? /DIE/

And this is JONGKEY fanart. Omoooo kyeopta!!!

Even Jonghyun are fascinated with Key's rainbow hair :D 
auww my JongKey feels >_< Ouh, Key is making face here. LOL

Jjongie touching Key's hair! I want to touch tooooo!

Sweeeeeet JongKey couple! <3

Somehow I miss Key's Blue Hair :D
He's real diva, every color would perfect him well.

p/s : Can't wait for Boys Meet You to be release! ANDDDD STILL WAITING FOR FT ISLAND KOREAN COMEBACK. *sigh*

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