Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dreaming Of........

Assalamualaikum bloggers & viewers :)

Okay, i want to give oneshot story about my dream last night. And i think that was extremely happiest dream i've ever had. When i woke up this morning (afternoon actually), i was like....ouhh unbelievable! I touch my cheek, i smile widely than usual, overwhelmed until my tears dropped :')

And as you know, i've been live in primadonna fandom almost 2+ years. They're my drugs, i mean those cutie boys FT Island Lee HongKi, Lee JaeJin, Choi MinHwan, Choi JongHoon & Song SeungHyun. I love their music, their talent, everything about them. Till last night, i slept quite early at 2am (usually i sleep nearly dawn), AND THEY COME INTO MY DREAM! 


To be honest, this is the second time they appear in my dream. But unfortunately i already forgot the first dream. Well, sometimes not all dream we could remembered clearly rite. But in case i will forget my dream this time, i decided to write it in my blog. Here, let me start........! *rewind back the dream*

It was in the yard of my house. So many car was park there. I dunno whats occasion held in my house since many people were come and i'm wearing 'baju kurung' at that time (seems like Eid feast). And suddenly I saw leader Hoonie with instax camera on his hand and wandering around the yard. Maybe he was enjoying the green that my father planted. I was sooooooo excited bcz the sexy leader are in front of me! Then i saw Minari, Jaejin, Hyunnie and Hongki sitting at the bench near the fish pond. I smiled to them, and requesting to take photo with them. 

Simple Garden at my house :)

Leader Hoonie approached me from back and said "Just used my instax camera". I was startled because Hoonie's face is very close with mine. And that time i could feel the blush on my cheek. kekeke^^  

Minhwannie's blush. cute rite?

Then we took photo together. As we used instax camera, the photo is come out very well! We're so happy on that time, teasing each other, but honestly i was kinda shy with this goatie guy, Lee Jaejin bcz he is my ultimate bias. I've been awkward smiling to him, and try to avoid eye contact with him. OMG if you love or had crush on somebody, your chest, your heart feels like nearly exploded when he staring at you. Anddd, thats what i felt when Jaejin looked at me :D

Lee JaeJin

But then i think, this is the only one chance where i can took photo with my beloved cutie goat Jaejin.  I gather my courage, asking him to take photo with me. Err i mean only two of us. Me and Jaejin only without other members :D 

I was standing close with Jaejin. I realized that im a bit shortie huh. Well, this goat linking his arm around my shoulder and we looked direct to the camera by giving a big smile. Ouh i can't tell how my feeling that time. If im dying right away on that time, i have no regret tho. kekeke ^^ Later on, i make some crazy request towards him. I said "popo" and stretch my cheek to be kissed by him (popo mean 'kiss'). LOL i feel ashamed and my head boiling much because of an embarrassing request. But unexpectedly, Jaejin kiss me for real! Even more surprising, Jaejin slightly LICKS MY LEFT CHEEK and he grinned cutely! o_O" urmm, its hard to described what i felt that time, i was stunned and frozen until the other member teasing us "whooaa......" and laugh at us. hahaha i swear it was embarrassing moment ever! I think this is the highlight point, or climax on my dream :D

After they leave, i take a look to each of polaroid photo we took. I was so happy to meet them im so excited to show the photo to my primadonna friends! And right after that, I woke up and realized that it was a dream.....................................*long sigh*

Okay, thats my story. I know, some people will say that i am too obsessed over ft island and seems ridiculous even though its just a DREAM, i tell it to people. Well, if you're not fangirl like me, you does not understand me, AND NEVER UNDERSTAND ME. Although it was a dream, its enough to make me lively inside. Because i know, i will be never met them in real life. But deep deep deeeeep in my heart always hoping that my dream will become reality. 

Thanks God bcz let me see them though it was just in my dream :')

p/s: You have to dream before your dreams can come true.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hello Baby with FT Island?

If there was a HELLO BABY with FT Island........

Jonghoon when he would see the kid:

Hongki when he would see the kid:

Minhwan when he would see the kid:

Jaejin when he would see the kid:

Seunghyun when he would see the kid:


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

♥ zaman student telah berakhir ♥

Assalamualaikum :)

Entry ini ditulis 2 minggu setelah menamatkan pembelajaran di Politeknik Nilai, Negeri Sembilan dalam major course Islamic Banking & Finance. Alhamdulillah, selama tiga tahun ni macam-macam benda yang aku belajar. Semester 6, adalah semester yang paling mencabar bagi aku. Semester 6 jugaklah yang paling banyak memberi kegembiraan, dan juga kedukaan. cehh, poyo siot ayat. Tapi, aku rase semester terakhir inilah yg banyak buat aku menangis. Macam-macam hal jadi pada diri aku, tapi telah terbukti yang aku mampu lakukan sehingga ke penghujung walaupun menerima seribu satu kebencian daripada segelintir orang. 

Okay, aku tanak lah cerita pasal yang sedih-sedih tu kan. Yang dah lepas tu. biarkanlah. Benda tu jugalah yang akan memperkuatkan dalaman aku. Okay, seriously waktu-waktu macam nie aku rindukan kawan-kawan aku. Kenangan-kenangan sewaktu zaman belajar, memang bernilai. Teringat masa kesusahan dan keperitan dalam menyiapkan projek akhir bersama rakan seperjuangan. Stay up sampai lewat pagi, dalam keadaan kewangan yang tengah sesak, terpaksa keluarkan duit puluhan ringgit hanya untuk print laporan, print borang kaji selidik. Ada sampai satu tahap aku rasa macam dah give up, but finally we made it! Okay kat bawah nie gambar dengan team projek akhir aku iaitu ekin, wani dan zuhair. Korang memang daebakkk! :D

Now, setelah dua minggu terperap dok rumah, tibalah masanya untuk mencari pekerjaan. Zaman student telah berakhir, mari kita move on ke alam pekerjaan! Buat masa sekarang nie, aku nak kerja sementara kat mana-mana dulu. Setelkan dulu semua perkara yang masih tak setel, then baru cuba masuk bank. Mynn, hwaitinggg!

Antara kenangan kami. I miss all the moment :')