Thursday, April 3, 2014

Primadonna: FT Island concert in Bangkok :)

Anyeong yeoreobun! Its been a while since im updating here. Fuhh fuhhh blowing dust everywhere. kekeke. Okay, are you ready with my super long story here? I trying to make it short ya. The story begins with the cancellation of FTHX concert in Kuala Lumpur. Y'know how heartbreaking i am plus it takes forever to get back our refund money. FTHX tour concert are held around asia. It was scheduled that Malaysia is the first stop they held concert but eventually due to some problem it was cancelled. So they just proceed with another asia country which is Taipei, Singapore, and Bangkok. At first i wish to go to Singapore but i dunno y, it felt like too many barrier. And yupp of cz everything is pricey then i decided to forget it. If im going, my budget just allowed me to choose cheaper seat, meant i cant see my oppa clearly, it such a wasted rite?

So one day Tris, my maknae chingu asked me whether i want to go to Bangkok for their concert and i think it just 2weeks from the date of concert and when she said it was the last pit stop of FTHX concert tour, suddenly the urged to meet my FT Island oppa burst. At first there's 5 person want to go there including me, kak Wawa, Tris, Zima, and Zima. LOL got two person named Zima so we decided to call one of them "Kai" cz she lovessssssss Kai exo so much. hehh :/ Unfortunately, due to their parents not giving permission to them to go to Bangkok, only left 3 of us, independently go there. Here we gooooo!

*photo masa kat LCCT.

This is our first meet with Tris. Actually i met kak Wawa a day before this since i was slept over in kak Wawa's hostel in UPM serdang. LOL srsly the night at kak Wawa's room are full with our screaming and squealing over EXO. hahahahaha memang lari dari tajuk. Till now i still remembered one of EXO vid that kak Wawa downloaded, which is Sehun playing with D.O ears. Cute tho. I cant control my hormones watching the vid! Hehh :/

Okay by the way thanks to Tris's father cz he send us to airport early in the morning. Its dawn actually. kekeke. 5am Tris text us saying that she is on her way to pick us at UPM from Ampang. Its chaotic tho cz we awake at 5.30am and Tris almost reaching to UPM at that time!!! Gahhh i was mandi koboi only kekeke ^^


Okayy, when we arrived at Don Muang Airport, many person approaching us to use their taxi services and since we are bodoh2 time tu, main sebat jelah taxi yang diorang offer tu. Hehh we pay 600baht from Don Muang to Saphan Kwaii despite the fact that we can get cheaper fares around 300-400baht if using metered taxi. LOL feeling regret here but when we see the taxi, ommaaaaa its not real taxi actually it some kind of rental car, luxury cars. Thats y its expensive. And we have some difficulties on finding the hotel cz it was located middle of big and super tall building. Jeongmal kamsahamnida to the pakcik driver cz he helped us a lot on finding the hotel. Its worth we pay him a lot.

Soooo first day in Bangkok, after we successfully check-in in our hotel, we just sleep all day. Hahahaha XD Nothing interesting in Bangkok aside Chatuchak market in MoChit, but due to heavy wind they said its not opened on that day. So saddd :( So we decided to go to BigC supermarket on the night, using a 'tuk-tuk' taxi, bought instant noodles and cereal to fill our empty stomach, cz we cant find any muslim restaurant there :( And before we go back to our hotel, we stopped by at pizza hut restaurant, bought seafood spagethi. Looked nice, but the taste yucksssssss :p The queasy taste after several feed, urghhhh then we decided to eat the instant noodle instead. Fortunately we found instant noodles with halal sign on that, mostly their instant noodle got pork on it. What the pork??

Okayy, we ate instant noodles at the hotel lobby cz we need to use wifi. At first we thought dat we can eat peacefully there, suddenly there's one Australian uncle approach us. Yup, uncle. I mean, an old man. He said he lives in Australia but he is Italian. Okay in pretending to be nice i said la "whoaaa australiaa, i wish to go there" eventhough dalam hati nie cuma nak pegi Seoul Korea je. hehh :/ At first we just chatting normally, i heard kak Wawa and that uncle talking about the MH370, then he saw us eating an instant noodles and asking us whyyyyy. "I eat chicken, i eat meat, i eat bla bla blaaa" that uncle said that to us. I was like, "ehh orang tua ni, sukati aku la nak makan ape". Then he said he has a lottttttttttt snack on his room. And that time we're noticed that this uncle macam nak menggatal. Okayy, think positive mynn. Maybe he just trying to be nice to us. Then he's blabbering about working on australia, he trying to attract us to work there, he can help us etc. I swear, on that time i felt like wanna punch him right on his big-fat-tummy! We are eating, then he keep talking talking talkinggg talkinggggggg asdfghjkl it pissed me off. Then we felt like wanna explode when he asked which floor our room. At first we dont want to answer and keep eating+eyed glued on tv screen, but he keep "heyyyy, heyyy which floor are u on?" Sumpah gua hilang sabar then i said la 3rd floor even the fact our room are on the 4th floor. Time tu all of us dah saling berpandangan and we think that the uncle is PERVERT. Urghhh scary tho. After finished eating our noodle, we are like frozen there. We got scared to go back to our room sebab manalah tahu kot2 nanti uncle tu follow kitorang. Paling seram bila uncle tu suddenly ketuk2 sofa yg Tris tengah duduk guna kaki dia. Dah la time tu kitorang tengah serabut sebab our phone battery getting drained, and since we dont have international adaptor plug tu our phone charger cannot be used. For a while, im feeling a bit frustrated and we keep blaming the oppa for the hard time we had. hehh mianhae oppa :/ Balik2 muka kitorang je kat receptionist tu asking for phone charge, international adaptor plug, and their answer still same "nooo we dont have". Grrrr what kind of hotel it is. Everything dont have. Dah la kitorang nak order coconut frappe, but the cafe is closed already. Bakorr baru tahu. Sooo, sambung balik story pasal australian uncle tu, i think almost half an hour we sat there waiting for that uncle to blahh first, but he doesnt move an inch. On that time tawakkal jelah yg mampu, so kitorang cepat2 pegi ke elevator go back to our room. Thanks god, that pervert man doesnt following us. So bila dah sampai bilik, we are feeling a bit sad bcz our phone semua dah nak mampos. tsk tsk :'( Nie semua salah oppa. Hehh balik2 oppa yg dipersalahkan. Then bcz it was the night before concert, Tris is opened up her luggage to unpack what she's going to wear for tomorrow and guess whattttt?!!! I found international adaptor plug on her bag! LOL at that time i felt like wanna eating Tris wakakakakaka XD whole day we are frustrated finding a source where we can charge our phone, we almost go out on the night just for a phone charger, yet she have it on her bag. LOLOLOLOL rasa macam nak tergelak bila ingat benda nie, Tris yang super sengal :D So what i learned Day1 at Bangkok is:

1) Used public transport like train or metered taxi for budget vacation so u can save a lotttt of your money
2) When travelling to another country, as a muslim its hard to find Halal food soooo, make sure to pack your own food like instant noodles, bread, snack, etc from your country in case if u cannot find any muslim restaurant. Dun be like us, kononnye poyo everything can buy there, tak nak beratkan luggage dengan barang makanan. First day je dah starving mencari nasi. Hehh :/ Padan muka kat diri sendiri.
3) Must-have-item while travelling is international adaptor plug. Kalau tak nak jadi macam kitorang, prepare benda ni awal2 kalau nak gadget korang tu semua bernyawa kat negara orang.
4) Australian uncle is PERVERT. Euwwww


So, we woke up almost afternoon. Eat our cereal for breakfast, do u know how i missed Nasi Lemak or Roti canai at that time tsk tsk :'( K, then we get ready and going down to the lobby for a while to used wifi and keep praying that we will not bumped with australian-pervert-uncle. Okayy so lucky, we met Pakistan-ist women at the lobby and we asked her where to find Muslim restaurant nearest there. We asked the direction how to getting there and she said "go straight, turn right, go straight, not far, go straight, its near blablabla hotel, bla bla blaaaaa 12minutes walk" and we was like O____o" Okayy we got it (sebenarnye dah confused) so hanya berbekalkan nama restaurant tu, Abu Ibrahim restaurant, we go out and ask the tuk-tuk driver to bring us there. Unfortunately not even one of them know that restaurant. Cakap pun dah serupa ayam dengan itik. Arghhhh frust!!!!!!!!!! Dah la lapar, memang mengundang amukan. Rasa nak tumbuk muka hongki pun ada. hehh. So, the last choice is Black Canyon restaurant which is located in BigC. Whatever it is we must eat rice, the concert is start on 6pm kot, kalau tak makan nasi, pengsan la time Hongki nyanyi.

Seafood fried curry with rice. Jinjja massidaa!!! Masing-masing jadi pelahap. So we requested to them dont put any meat or chicken, or pork, or alcoholic ingredient on it and bla bla blaa cz we are Muslim. Nasib baik abam waiter kat situ memahami. kekeke ^^ Okayy after filled our stomach, we proceed to Saphan Kwaii BTS skytrain station by walk cz it just nearer from the BigC supermarket.

So we are not sure which station we should drop off to go to BITEC hall, before buying the ticket we asked the BTS worker there where should we and she said we need to stop at UdomSuk. Yeahh, she lied to us. I think she's not even Bangkok's person. I cursing a lot tho. And cursing myself too cz trusting her. When we reached at UdomSuk, we asked the direction to BITEC hall to one of the workers there and she said we should take train to Bangna station. BITEC hall is still far from there. Ahh serabut siaaa. So malas nak naik train, kitorang tunggu je kat tepi jalan, amik cab terus ke BITEC hall tu. Finally arrived thereeee with only 40baht-something fares. Kalau dalam duit Malaysia dalam RM4 lebih la. Takdelah jauh sangat. hehh :/

When we reached there, dah macam pesta kat luar hall tu. So many people selling Kpop merchandise. Not only FT Island merchandise, EXO, BigBang, Infinite, etc semua ada. But yang cepat sold out FT Island merchandise la. Teruja sekejap but after got back to our sense, we must find ThaiTicketMajor outlet at the venue for collecting our ticket. They also gave us ticket card as souvenir. Their organizer jinjja daebak. And we also got chosen received free poster+fti signature on it. 

 *muka tu tak nak bahagia lagi kann. hehh :/

*muka pura-pura bahagia sebab dapat poster signature Hongki

So nak cerita la kat sini kisahnya, all of us got poster with Hongki's signature on it. Kak Wawa kemain happy sebab si Hongpoop tu memang bias dia. kekeke while me craving for Jaejin kambing signature or Choi Chicken (Minhwan) signature. Tris pulak nak Jonghoon punya. So Mynn and Tris dok meroyan sana sini around the hall, finding people who willing to change with our poster. Tengah meroyan tu tiba2 Tris recognized Matoy, we friend with her in facebook so we met her, and we also changing our poster. Finally i got Jaejin's signature poster! YEHETT

*nie baru muka real bahagia cz dapat poster with Jaejin's signature!

After that we capture a lotttttttttt of photos at the big banner. Too crowded there bcz all primadonnas want to take photo with the huge oppas photo background. Finally we captured our photo there :D Tadaaaaa~

 *Mynn tengah buat dance Lonely~~lonelyy~

*our Thai chingu, mereka berdua sangat gilakan Hongpoop. kekeke

*I touch minan's hand. So proud. kekeke

Wow. This entry takes forever to finished huh. Dont worry, i still have many mores to write. After we done taking photos, we sat with Matoy and her friends and she help us with the fan project etc. After a while we saw a girl wearing hijab like us too, apa lagi cepat2 la kitorang tegur dia and asked her where's muslim prayer's room. Feel glad cz she knew where its located. Cz since we arrived there we were trying to find the prayer room on our own but its nowhere to seen since the hall is sooooooooo big and also connected with another building another hall another building anotherrrrr blablablaa. I dunno how many building there are. Its just pretty big hall connecting with each other. Sighhhh.

*with Munie, muslim primadonna :)

Before the concert start, the things keep worrying us is our camera. We came all the way from Malaysia to the concert, it is wasted if we couldnt capture or record vid while concert. So we sneaked our camera bring it inside the hall, i dunno how i hide it on my bagpack, i passed the security check!!! They check our bag one by one, then check our body. And how unbelievable Tris with her dslr camera, also got passed with the security check. They didnt check our bag thoroughly like another gate, the security holding a torchlight looking thoroughly inside the bag. Aside from camera, water bottles also cannot bring inside. Pfftttt 2 hours screaming without drinking, nearly collapsed. Hehh :/ So, we're extremely happy because we got our camera with us inside the hall. While waiting for the concert to start, we're taking a lot of selca inside the hall. 

 *with Thai pris, tak ingat nama dia sape. Kak Wawa's friend :D

Our seat are on A2 zone, so when i looked back i felt weird why there are pris at the back there wearing blue and red headband? Shouldnt we wears yellow headband to make yellow oceans? So i just make simple assumption maybe the yellow headband is sold out, so they bought another color. LOL. After i saw this photo that Hongki captures..... was a part of fan project!!! The red headbands forming a love shape while the blue headband forming words 'FT'. Hehh :/ Mynn is pabooo, i just noticing it now. Their fan project is awesomeeee and thai primadonna fandom is strong! Somehow im envying them, cz Malaysia primadonna not strong as they are. Thats y our FT Island oppa lovess to go Thailand.

The concert opening showed FT Island kiddo at the backstage, they're getting ready to performing as it was showed live on the big screen. During that time all primadonna are screaming very loudly WHILE MEEEEEE bursting into tears :'D LOL im not crying mehh. I swear. It just the water flowing from my eyes. Spotlight terang sangat mata mynn pedih. Wakakakakakaka XD Okayyy to be honest memang Mynn is crying of happiness. The feeling overwhelms me cz it was my first time seeing them live right infront of my eyes! Daebakk :D  

We are rocking together with Thai pris and sometimes being clueless cz everything that Hongki said the translator translate it into Thai languages. All the pri screams while three of us just "krikk krikk krikkkk...." We only screams when heard Hongki said "Choi Kangju" LOL. Btw have u watched Bride of the Century drama? Suddenly teringat pulak si Tris ni keep saying that my face looked like Na DooRim (Hongki's fiancé on that drama) hehh funny tho. Maybe bcz my haircut are same style as Na DooRim's hair. And yesterday night also, Zima chat me on fb asking me whether i have relatives working at Kedah bcz she saw someone who looked exactly like me! LOL y Mynn has so many doppelganger?

*sama ke?

*okayy, kalau gambar yg nie, memang kami seiras!

During concert, Hongki complimented us bcz the yellow ocean that we successfully made for them, the moment Hongki said "YOU'RE FUCKING BEAUTIFULLLL!!!!" HAHAHAHAHA fcuk youuuuu hongpoop for saying those F words kekeke ^^ And sorry to say, during whole concert my eyes keep glued on Choi Jonghoon figures. I dunno y but he is fucking handsome, and sexy, and charming, and seductive, and and andddd arghhhhhhh blame him for wearing white shirt and short pant!!! And the moment i most remember is when Jaejin did his tarian beruk, cute gilaa kau! And lagi satu moment time dorang nak potong cake sempena besday sape entah, five of them also put headband like us. Hongpoop tu jahat dok gelakkan si Jonghoon. Yelahh, dia tu muscle men kot, tetiba ada ribbon minnie atas kepala. wakakakakaka XD The most cutest my Choi Minhwan bb la. Dengan ribbon minnie tu dia duduk kat drumset dia, omooo like lil kiddo. Extremely cute bhaiii!!!

*Funi, y u no bulu kaki?

 *Hongjae is sweeeeeeet

 *JaeHwan such a cutieeee

*u point your fingers on me?? nak kena tumbuk ke??

*Funi malu2 kambing pulakk

*hongpoop gelakkan funi wakakakaka XD

 *hebat si Jaejin ni, tiup dari jauhh. fuhhh 

*five cutie island :D

Okayy time budak 5orang tu performing I Confess song, my camera and Tris's camera got caught by the security. He told us to leave the hall bringing out our camera but at first i refused to do so but before we got dragged or got smack by that security ahjusshi, so we just followed him go outside. Ya Allah time tu tuhan jela tahu betapa bengangnye kitorang. The security take us to 'Camera deposit' counter. Hehh. I dunno pon this counter is exist. The workers there told us to delete all the video that we recorded. At first, okayyy aku delete. 1 vid deleted. 2 vid deleted. 3 vid deleted. And suddenly i got mad. It was okay if they want to take our camera, but when they asked me to delete all the vid, i cant! Kat situ aku complain la y i cant record using my camera? it just a digital cam. Not video recorder with high resolution etc. I said la whats difference with other ppls camera? They recorded it using phone camera, its considered as camera too, y u dont cantch them too? I felt injustice here. Hehh. Stupid rules. If they dont allowed camera, then forbid lah all kind of camera tak kiralah handphone ke, monopod ke kan. Nak buat rules kenalah fair. Huhh, hampir mengamuk mynn dibuatnya. That girl only said "this camera kennot. this camera kennott. no. no. delete all." urghhh rupanya aku bercakap dengan robot. Dia dok ulang benda sama. Malas nak cakap panjang, dah dengar intro lagu severely, aku dengan Tris berlari masuk balik ke hall. 

Overall concert, i dunno how to describe the superb-ness. Hongki's live voice is no joke. His energetic moves, dah macam beruk atas stage tu berlari sana sini. Tapi beruk comel lahh. kekeke. I lapp chiuuu hongki oppaaa. When he going down from the stage, pri from the back zone, berlari ke depan dah macam segerombolan kambing sebab nak tengok hongki dekat2. While us 3 person, we're just standing at the how to say ahh, laluan di antara 2 zone, kira tempat laluan lahh (lol). I bet Hongki must noticed us sebab kitorang bertiga je yg bertudung and dok berdiri kat tengah2 tu lambai2 kat dia. Nak screaming dah hilang suara sebab dari awal concert mynn dok jerit "CHOI MINAN MARRY MEEEEE PLSSS!!!!" Cehhh indirect proposal lah kononnya.  

*Can u spot me there? Wehuuu

So after the concert finished, we walk to BTS train station ditemani muslim pris yg kitorang baru kenal tu, nama dia Munie. She's nice. Okay, so sampai je kat Saphan Kwaii station, we decided to go eat first before go back to our hotel. Thanks again to Munie sebab dialah yg tolong googlekan alamat muslim restaurant tu. Kalau tak, memang starving la malam tu. So lepas balik ke hotel, we need to catch early flight next morning. Poyooo gila sia kitorang suruh orang receptionist tu buat morning call pukul 4 pagi sebab dah deal dengan taxi jemput kitorang pukul 5, mynn siap cakap "call us until we wake ya, if we're not wake, pls knock our door bla bla bla" tapi bila diorang call, ape mynn buat? Angkat then letak. Angkat lagi then letak. Wakakakaka 4.50am baru kak wawa tersedar and kejut kitorang suruh bangun bersiap. Taxi yg supposed to sent us to airport dah menunggu kat bawah. HAHAHAHAHA so kisahnyaa ni masa balik kitorang bertiga TAK MANDI! 

*muka budak tak mandi. byeee bangkok!

Okayy, such a superrrrrrr longggggggg entry. Mynn dah penat, so tataplah self-vid yang mynn record dari pegi, sampailah balik. Click here if u wanna watch. This is such a sweet journey for us, as Primadonna :)