Friday, October 25, 2013

Ultimate Dream (Part 2)

Mynn is tooooooo lazy to updating. Hehh :/ So, this is the sequel *ececehh* from my previous entry about my Ultimate Dream. So this is the Part 2. (Click here to read Part 1)

Mynn's Ultimate Dream:

2. Spend Money on Experiences

Want to buy happiness? Purchase an experiences. I bounded with these word. Seriously, spending money on experiences rather than material goods, leads us to more happiness. Before this, i often spend all my money on goods, prettty clothes, or kpop merchandise. At first, yeayy me so happy, i bought new clothes, and its pretty, and im pretty wearing it bla bla blaa and so on, but after a long time (not so long actually, a month enough) im getting bored with those things. Especially on clothes and beauty products. Moreover im not the type of person who disclipline on using products, so its wasted. Clothes? Gahh too many clothes in my wardrobe. I think half of them i never wear it or i just wore it once or twice only. Yeahh, wasted again.

So starting from this moment, i deciding to spend my money on experiences like travelling, eating out, or going to a concert. Out of these three list, i often eating out. I just loveddddd food more than anything else. So i dont mind spending a lot of money on food. Cz i think its worth kekeke (mengaku jelah ko tu kuat makan mynn). And going to concert, this dream, almost becomes real. This December! Tadaaaaa~~

me already bought the ticket :D 

since my bias Lee Jaejin and Choi Minhwan are located at the back of stage, 
i choose ISLAND ZONE so dat i can see my bias clearly and closely muehehehe ^^ 

Spending a lot of money on the ticket, many people said to me "you're wasting your money!" andd "thats a lot!!!" i was like, tskk tskk (while shaking head) "hell noooooooo im not wasting my money dude, once in a lifetime kot." K. Sweet answer i gave you. Not every year this band will perform here in Malaysia so i take this opportunity to fulfill one of my ultimate dream 'Spending Money on Experiences'. hahaha u see ya, i almost achieve one of my ultimate dream *big grin* :D 

And about travelling thingy, to be very very veryyyyy honest, i just want to travel one country. I think y'all already know. Yes it is. Hanguk! Hanguk is Korea. (Click here to read Top10 Place I Want to Visit in Korea) The main attraction there is my oppa, my future hubby, my fiance, my boyfriend, all of them are lives there. So i wish to go there, besides that i want to experience all the season there (since my country are summer throughout the year), i want to visit there on spring, autumn, winter, and also summer lah cz only on summer u can see oppa wearing sleeveless shirt or if you're lucky u can see oppa shirtless *nosebleed* K stop all this rubbish words mynn. Hehh :/ Arghhhh wishing hard to say this word one day "korea is my second home" proudly kekeke ^^ 

Okay, long entry again. I should stop now and i will continue with my 3rd (last) Ultimate Dream on my next post. I need my beauty sleep now, and tomorrows working, and keep chasing the dream ya! WEHUUUUU~~ *jumping to sky*


p/s: sorry for my bad english. english is not my mother language. if youre seeing grammatical error, just let it pass. kbai :p

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ultimate Dream (Part 1)

What's living for? For me, its all about achieving dream. Okay, to be honest i'm posting this after listening to Jaejin's composed song titled Falling Star and got idea to writing this.

What, what, what’re you dreaming?
Tell me everything you wanted, everything you forgot about, you’ll find it
What, what, what’re you dreaming?
Take it, will I be able to find it? The Neverland of fairy tales?
As much as I’ve grown taller, my dreams grew smaller

Oh by the way my Jaejinnie, I'm differ than yours. As much as i've grown taller (or the facts is i've never got taller anymore, grow older is correct lol), my dreams grew BIGGERRRR!!!! So here, my ultimate dream. The most things keep playing in my thought, sometimes i got sick of myself cz i always wondering is my dream will becomes true before i'm leaving this world? Somehow i think been dreaming too much is annoying, sickening, but that's life for. Achieving dream. Fighting for your dream. Reminder, whats i'm gonna say here is my real dream, not ridiculous dream like i always bragged a lot like "i want marrying bias!" 

Okayy, now i'm revealing my ultimate dream or goal in my life. There's only three. (Just three meh?) I think between this three things, if i manage to achieved only one of them, i'm grateful though.

Mynn's Ultimate Dream:

1.     Becoming a mom to pretty son :)

Special bond between mom and son. Ahhh i'm envying this. I dunno with myself tho y i'm so freakinly want a son, maybe as i grew older, the motherly instinct inside my body growing depth. Blame the hormone though! Kekeke ^^ When i see a young mother walking along with her pretty son, i think dat was the most beautiful sight ever! Holding hand, sometimes mom will carrying her son on her arm, or piggyback, the whining son asking for a new toys, ahhh when i'm gonna experience dat moment on my own, with my own son?! BUT, can i have son without husband? Hehh :/ I think having a husband is troublesome. Y'know mens nowadays *long sighhhhhh* Here the matters, how can i get a son if i dun have a husband? LOL big big biggggg question mark here. Maybe by adoption can work. Okay whatever it is, i must marrying someone and get a son. By the way its not like i dun want a daughter, i just think dat having a son is much more easier to take care of instead of daughter. Dun u think so? 

Andddd due to my (weird) obsession, i already have a name to put on my future son. HAHAHA i'm going to give my future son's name 'Luhan'. LOL Exo Luhan meh? *Yes, by hoping dat my son will cute as him kekeke* Muhammad Luhan, sounds great yeah? *Yet, still can't get off my life from bias* *slapped myself*

this is Luhan.

andddd this kid is known as Little Luhan. Luhan doppelganger!

same isnt it? i'm dying of their cuteness *ready to commit*
Okay i knew well dat becoming a mother is not easy task like u raise a pet or 'pou', just give them food and poured some love, its enough then for ur child. NOOOOO, its not easy as that. Becomes a mom, it means your child is a special gift for u, so u must loves your child (more than love your bias), disciplining your child like giving some rewards for their good behavior and punish them with loving heart, developing healthy routine for your child (teach them to be vegetarian!!!! LOL) and the most important and i think the hardest part raising a child is to help them build their character. Yesss, be a good role model to ur child. Hmphhh, can i? Sokeyy, i'm challenge myself!

So, what kind of mother Mynn's gonna be? Yeahh, a mom who gonna spend a lot of time with her son watching kpop, korean drama, anime, etc (JOKING). Hmphh, i think i'm gonna be a mom who cries like hell when my son getting married. Y'know wut i mean, i love my son sooooo much eventhough he still not exist HAHAHAHA XD 

i even updating this on facebook kekeke 
anddd here, of cz my son gonna be my fashion victim LOL

Mynn is blabbering too much here. K. But i'm not gonna stop, i still have another two ultimate dream to write. LOLOLOLOL But i think i will put it on next post. Stay tuned for the next Mynn's ultimate dream! Okay byeee!

p/s: So, what's your ultimate dream? Oh, btw FT Island songs, Falling Star, when i sing it, i changed the lyrics. I dun want catch a falling star, i want to catch falling Jaejin. mueheheh can eh?

Catch a falling Jaejin!