Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top 10 Most Heartbreaking/Sad Korean Song

Mynn's Top 10 Most Heartbreaking/Sad Korean Song:

#1 Because I Don't Know How To Love - FT Island
#2 The Name I Loved - SHINee
#3 No Matter How I Think About It - Sweet Sorrow
#4 That Man (Secret Garden OST) - Baek JiYoung
#5 Shower Of Tears - BaeChiGi ft Ailee
#6 Thunder - FT Island
#7 Because I Miss You (Heartstring OST) - Jung YongHwa
#8 Like a Fool (Personal Taste OST) - 2am
#9 One - SHINee
#10 Should I Confess (Playful Kiss OST) - Soyu

I recommend you to listen all these songs. Seriously I could feel the sadness and sorrowful. Yeah, the Top 1, Because I Don't Know How To Love, I often crying when I listen to this song. Some people would said you such a fool Mynn, been hearing a song which you even don't know whats the meaning and crying hardly. LOL I know the meaning and its related to my real life. HAHAHA i'm not that crybaby okay. I just could feel myself on that song. 

Yup, its true that I really don't know how to love someone. And I always end up a relationship by leaving him. I'm not that cruel or being called a 'playgirl', I just don't know how to love. Oh maybe I could just said I even don't know what is love actually -____- 

Here, this is the song. And I loves listening to Jaejin's soft voice, its so soft. Omooo baby you makes me cry :'(

Okay, next Top 2 sad song I choosed The Name I Loved, SHINee. This song tells about the one you loved, who far distant from you, and what you could only do are loving her/him. This is my favorite line from the lyrics, its meaningful "Because an unachievable love is still love". Yeahh, Fahrin Ahmad crossed my mind right away. kekeke ^^ I love him, i love him sooooooo much. I love him as much as ocean, as universe! Hmphhh, too much love poured, Fahrin don't even know your existence Mynn -_____- So what can i do more, just keep loving him, "Because an unachievable love is still love" :D *pls dun puke* JUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG, I BET YOU WILL CRYING THO!

Okay, i'm just giving this review from the top 1 and top 2. Check this out, Top 10 from Jiha unnie and Tris :)

Jiha's Top 10 Most Heartbreaking/Sad Korean Song:
#1 Tears Are Falling-FT Island
#2 Heartache-FT Island
#3 Only You-Winter Sonata OST
#4 Onew-In Your Eyes
#5 Heaven-FT Island
#6 love love love-FT Island
#7 Kiss The Rain-Yiruma
#8 Sarang Hand Da Myun (Sad Sonata OST)
#9 Love Rain-jang geun seuk #10 Reason (Autumn In My Heart OST)

Trisz's Top 10 Most Heartbreaking/Sad Korean Song:

#1 That Woman - Hyun Bin
#2 far away young love - c- clown
#3 tiffany- coz its you -love rain ost
#4 beast - on a rainy day
#5 we were in love - t-ara ft davichi
#6 girls don't know - ft island
#7 severely- ftisland
#8 love love love - ft island
#9 day by day -bigbang
#10 coz i'm stupid, kim hyun joong ost boys over flower


p/s: Next ranking will be Top 10 Place I Want To Visit in Korea! OMG Im so excited >_<


  1. yang pa - love.. what that's mean?
    supernova - goodbye
    after love - ft. island

  2. *사랑은 다 그런 그래요-이해리,양파,한나
    *눈의 꽃-박효신
    *서쪽 하늘-윤하
    *사랑하는 엄마-소녀시대
    :-한구 슬픈의 노래를 할 수 있습나다:)

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  4. Annyeong Haseyo this is nice

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  6. Try these . .

    1) Painkiller - seeya , t-ara , speed
    2) Rain sound - b.a.p
    3) Please don't - k.will
    4) Talk that - secret
    5) Midnight - beast