Monday, July 8, 2013

Mynn's Top 10 K-Idol Most Wanted To Hug

Here we go with another ranking! 

Have you ever been looking at your favorite k-idol and really want to hug them so badly??

Sometimes we have different feeling towards them, am i right? I give you  some example, I love Lee Jaejin FT Island. I really love him cz he is my ultimate bias! But if I were giving a chance to meet him for real, what I really want to do is pinch his cheek, nothing more. Because he's just toooooooooo cute! But if I meet the sexy guitarist Choi JongHoon, I swear I would hug him tightly bcz of his great body & muscles. kekeke ^^ So, that's the point. Here, my own ranking who I want to hug from #10 to #1. 

#10 Infinite L

*could you feel the eye gaze from him wanting you to hug him? 
ARGHHHH i'm dying!!!

#9 Onew

 *A guy with sweetest smile and sweetest abs >_<

#8 LeeJoon MBlaq

*OMG his sexy chest :o

#7 Choi MinHwan (FT Island)

*My sexy baby with great muscles :D 

#6 Choi Minho (SHINee)

*Have u ever see him on To The Beautiful You drama? 
Go watch it and u can see him shirtless. 
DAMN HOT! I wanna hug him!!!!

#5 JongHoon (FT Island)

*his sexy feeling, driving me crazy. Lemme hug u dude!

#4 JaeJoong (TVXQ)


#3 Kai EXO

*Omoooo my virgin eyes >_<

#2 JongHyun (SHINee)


#1 Kim JongKook

*Who could resist Sparta Kook? 
Ahhh I can imagine how secured I am if i was on his arms :D

And here, ranking from my beloved Jiha unnie, Tris & Zira :)

Jiha's Top 10 K-Idol Most Wanted To Hug:
#1 Taecyeon 2pm
#2 Lee HongKi
#3 Choi JongHoon
#4 Nickhun
#5 Rain Bi
#6 JongHyun SHINee
#7 YooChun
#8 Kim HyunJoong
#9 Rome C-clown
#10 HeeChul Suju

Trisz's Top 10 K-Idol Most Wanted To Hug
#1 TOP BigBang
#2 Choi JongHoon
#3 ChanSung 2pm
#4 Lee DongHae
#5 Key
#6 WooYoung 2pm
#7 Taemin
#8 L Infinite
#9 Hoya Infinite
#10 Kangjun C-clown

Zira's Top 10 K-Idol Most Wanted To Hug
#1 Lee Hongki
#2 Song Seunghyun
#3 L Infinite
#4 Lee Seunggi
#5 Kim JaeJoong
#6 Lee Donghae
#7 Nickhun
#8 Choi Minhwan
#9 JooWon
#10 Lee Sungmin Suju

p/s: Next ranking game will be "Top 10 Most Heartbreaking/Sad Korean Song"

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  1. woow cool list.fits mine ;)but number 9 is not onew.he is lee joon too sweetie.