Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SHINee Almighty Key

After another update of five treasure island, then ill back with SHINee update now. Sighhh. Its hard being multifandom and i regret it wuwu T________T Okay mynn, promise yourself that you won't adding more fandom. Its enough! PrimaShawols forever :D

Okay lets go through this topic. As you can see the title of this post "SHINee Almighty Key" so this gonna be the story about the famous Korean male DIVA Kim Kibum! My ultimate bias on shining SHINee! *yeayy* (LOL me over excited huh) Actually this is not story, i just want to expressed my feeling towards people who said Key is not good singer, he's bad on singing, forever fashion icon, bla bla blaa.....*just shut the fvck up* Lemme explain you here. Yup, its true that Key not the lead singer in group, but that doesn't mean that he can't sing. As a Lockets (Key's fandom name), we're sad when people judge our Kim KiBum badly. Let me show you some proof that he's a good singer and really has a MAN VOICE! Check this out. 

Like srsly im totally adore with him more more and moreeeee after seeing Key's sang this song! Dun you think so? Dun you think that he really has a sweet man's voice? Heeee :D Actually this is one of my favourite Key's video, once i play this video, then ill keep repeating it till i bored of it. Hehhh :D tbh i never bored tho since i could see Key's sweet smile with his beautiful teeth. OMG too perfect this diva! >_<

*my last word*

dear Key haters, 

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