Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hiatus Sebentar :)

Hello. Anyeong yeoreobun! :)

Okayy, im kinda sad right now. My precious laptop is broken i dunno wuts wrong with dat thing, i think my lappy is a tired from continuosly used, non-stop fangirling, twitter-addict, youtube-ing almost every night until dawn, sometimes i rewatch my fav k-drama and my new addict towards japanese drama, andddddd now everything gone. WELL DONE :) Now let it rest, or maybe just throw it away, get a job Mynn and buy new laptop!

Hmmphh, so wut im gonna write on this entry is i will having maybe a longgggg hiatus from this blog site. I wish my brain will not forgetting this blog password, k. To my lovely follower and visitors, i love you. Byeeee. See you soon with my ridiculous entry. kekeke ^^ /wave butt/

Ouhh, and here. My latest condition after 3month be unemployed. I'm grew fat tho, esp on face and arm, and thigh, and tummy, andddd all over place. kbye 

p/s: Currently i'm having real mental breakdown due to Key's Musical which is he's gonna have 30kissing scene (yeahh mouth to mouth kiss) and my pretty Luhan gave statement dat he's dun accept international marriage. Okayy, fine with those two brat. I hate youuu my pretty annoying sexy bias. asdfghjkl /finding new bias/ LALALALAAA~~

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