Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Update :D

Anyeongggg! Hey, i'm such in a good mood today (dats y im updating kekeke) Yeah, a bit tired after whole day working, but its okay. Just want to tell you, that i'm happy because i already got employed, and i'm going to ft island concert this december. YEAYYYY!!!!

Going to their concert, it means im gonna meet them. FOR REAL. Oh gawddd am i dreaming am i am i?? Okay, from now on, im just focusing on work to get money bcz their ticket concert is not cheap ya. Hehh :/ Maybe im going to spend half of my monthly salary just for their ticket price *sigh*. But sokey, once in a lifetime. Yeah, this is one of my dream. To seeing them performing live, and i think im going to burst my tears then. LOL 

Okay, i hope from now onward, everything goes smoothly until my lovely december comes. Do you know how much i love myself now? Ohh can't tell cz i love myself tooooo much and im going to take care of my body well. Im just wishing God giving me good health until then :) 

Oh wait, before im finishing my words, i just want to tell u some story. Ya, the insane of me. LOLOLOL :D After the official announcement of ft island will hold concert here, i kept talking with wall. HAHAHA i mean, ft island poster on my wall, next to my bed. Almost everytime before i sleep, i looked to oppa's poster and said "im going to meet u soon yeobo" (while pointing fingers/rubbing hand on poster/kiss the poster) Hehh :/ Its becomes habit now cz im too excited! kekeke ^^

Btw, have you listen to ft island new song, Memory? Mommyyyyy the song is soooooo demly addictive! Especially on the beginning of the song, when the piano instrument take place, i just love them. Until now i still can't believe that song was Lee Hongki's self-composed. Its good. Too good. Really good. Fuckin good! I thought that namja only knew how to painting his nails (LOL) i just can't.......he's composing that good? Hongki oppa, youre sure a something haa. Im going to give lee hongki kiss (on the poster) tonight as a rewards cz his song lighten my mood up even though that song is actually kind of sad song. Hehh :/ And another song like Falling Star, Try Again, Always With You, also self composed by members. Just listen to them, arasso?

K, i thought im just writing a short update, but it can't help when its come to my five treasure boys. Okay, i need to get my beauty sleep. Tomorrow's working. Bye! I love you Choi Jonghoon, Lee Hongki, Choi Minhwan, Lee Jaejin, Song Seunghyun! /kiss poster/


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