Sunday, September 22, 2013

A bicycle :)

Last night, Kim Jonghyun tweet an essay. LOL 8 tweets in one night. Of course theres something dat he trying to say to us, and after i found the translation of his tweet, its about BICYCLE! His beloved bicycle! But one thing, I proud of him cz he know how to ride a bicycle now. Yeahh, before this he dunno to ride one though and i was like "he claimed himself as namja? he even dunno how to ride a bicycle!" and now, YES, he is namja is my eyes! (namja-male). Okay this is the translation of his tweets and its kind of amusing HAHAHAHA XD

1) I now know how to ride a bicycle. Even if the bike doesn't move the way I want it to... I bought a white bicycle a few days ago, had fun riding it, but the chain fell off because I fell. I put the bicycle on the side of the building because I wanted to fix it tomorrow, but someone stole it. The chain is broken.. I hope you ride it like that and fall keke.

2) Ah, and I bought a new bicycle today. The worker greeted me and said, "You were here a few days ago!". I wasn't thinking and I blurted, "I gave that one to my older sister! So I came to buy one for myself!" and lied. They probably recognize me now... I'm going to protect my bicycle this time for sure.

3) These few days made me want to read the book 'Bicycle Thief'. That thief probably had his story... Maybe he had a little sibling who wanted a bicycle... If you have a story, I'm going to cancel what I said about falling when you ride it. If you took it just because you were bored, fall. The tires even smell because I rode beneath the ginkgo tree. (grudge grudge)

4) The worker at the bicycle store, sorry. I lied because I was flustered. Please forgive me. Since I increased your sales... Sad...

5) Ah, and the bicycle I bought today is black. Men should buy black! I'm going to listen to G-Dragon's "Black" _(≥▽≤)/ What are these emoticons and why are they on my keyboard? (━▽━)/

6) Also, the white bicycle from before hurt my butt, but I figured it was the pain of growth and dealt with it. But the black one I bought today didn't hurt, so I was awed and asked my friend about it. He told me that saddle is a better one. That thief... I mean Mr. Thief... won't come again just to take the saddle, right...?...

7) said it's the SMP saddle... Whoever named it is pretty blunt. Anyone who hears will know it's good for men.
(T/N: SMP Saddles in Korea are called 'Prostate protection' saddles.)

8) The reason for the explosive tweeting is... Name my bicycle for me. Since he has a long history, relate it back to his history. You can connect it in many ways, right? Go go

Sooooooooo, the point of his tweets is, pls find a good name for the bicycle for him. LOL :D I dun have any idea, is it necessary to give your bicycle a name? Jjjongie u such a dumbass and dats y i love you. HAHAHAHAHAHA and i love the way u tweets, tells story to us. 

p/s: Anyway...................pls be safe! dinosaurs have short legs i hope you can reach the paddles comfortably kekeke

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