Sunday, November 4, 2012

♥ Hongki wants marry Hyunnie ♥

@Japan Fanmeeting. Question from Fan to Hongki:  If you were a girl, out of the members, who would you choose to marry?

Hongki: There really is no one!
Jonghoon: There isn't one but, if
Hongki: There isn't one but, if, if...
Seunghyun: Seunghyun, Seunghyun!
Jaejin: Jaejin, Jaejin!
Seunghyun: Seunghyun Jae~jin! Seunghyun!!
Hongki: Ahh...Jaejin has too much hair so definitely no.
Seunghyun Seunghyun!
Hongki: Ahh impossible. Minhwan is too short so no. Uhmm...Seunghyun is a little...I'm still thinking...
Seunghyun: Wow~I don't have any hair. My legs are clean
Hongki: have no hair?!
Seunghyun: Oh no~that hurts *in a girl voice*
Hongki: Then I choose Seunghyun
*Jonghoon grabs his hand, points to himself*
MC: What's the reason?
*Seunghyun guts pose*
Hongki: Jonghoon's personality and everything is good and he says that he doesn't have anyone. Jonghoon's personality is like...
Jonghoon: I love you
Hongki: He's always like this! He always says this! Whenever he meets a girl for the first time, he's always like, "I love you" or "You're my type!"
Jonghoon: Hongki~Hongki x2 Today's a lying day
MC: What about Minhwan's personality?
Hongki: Minhwan is...very kind.
Jaejin: Ooohh~
Hongki: But when he gets drunk LOL. When we went last time
Jaejin: Ski resort
Hongki: Yeah, we went skiing with CNBlue. We had a fun time skiing and when we came back, we all drank. With managers too. And then at that time, Minhwan got drunk and he said something, but for like 1, 2 hours, he keeps on repeating the same thing. So Yonghwan, me, the manager, and Jaejin are all like "That's enough, stop it. Hurry up and sleep." but then he's all like, "Hyung, I'm sorry. Just listen to me once."
Jaejin: Holding hands too
Hongki: So Yonghwa's like "This is too much, I can't handle this anymore" and left. So I, Jaejin and I tried to make Minhwan go to bed, so we told him that we love him and all that. *fans screaming* Then he started to sob and cry like this *Hongki imitating Minhwan crying*
MC, Jonghoon: Minhwan what's wrong~
Minhwan: Well, that was my first time and I don't remember anything about it...haha
Hongki: You don't remember??
Minhwan: Ah~yes, I'm sorry
Hongki: He was cute. And Jaejin is too hairy sometimes, but
Jaejin: Don't say it~
Hongki: He like wax/shaves his hair now. During the summer too. But even though he does it, he still has a lot!
Jonghoon: Hongki, you're so annoying today
Jaejin: I don't know why you're saying this
Hongki: But I think his personality is the kindest. Even when I play a mean prank on him, he like replies back to me with a joke or plays around with me, so I think he's the kindest. He's like in the middle of us, since his age is in the middle too. So in that middle, he does a lot of things for us and he's a good boy, BUT HE HAS A LOT OF HAIR! TOO MUCH! ALL OVER THE PLACE!!
Jaejin: I have no hair!
MC: Yeah, he doesn't look like he has much hair, like I can't see anything on his face
Hongki: Face...go close to him and then look at his face
*Jaejin makes a face lol*
*Jaejin and MC walks toward each other, MC peeks into his shirt*
MC: UWA! His chest!
Hongki: Right?!! His chest already has that much hair!!
Jaejin: What?! I don't have any!! *Shows his chest a little* I DON'T HAVE ANY! IT'S THE TRUTH!! Please believe me~please~
*I think the MC was just joking, he's a Korean comedian*
MC: I can you tell me why you chose Seunghyun?
Hongki: Ah, I don't really get his personality. Just kidding, just kidding, But uh Seunghyun is he came in the middle and we're together since then but like he came in when we became pretty calm and stable so I think he had the hardest time but he always works hard
Seunghyun: That's why you'll marry me?
*Hongki nods a little few times*
Hongki: That's not the reason but, if I was a girl, ahh
Seunghyun: I'm the butt massager?
Hongki: AHHH, His butt massage is the best! lol He massages my butt for me but, ah, it feels so good
Jonghoon: You pervert!
Hongki: O.O I'm not a pervert, it's just that when he does it to me I become like this *does some movement*
Seunghyn: It becomes like...*stops cause he doesn't know what to say* Oh yeah~(in english)
MC: What's with that "Oh yeah~"
Seunghyun: When I do it(massage)him, *points at Hongki* he's like "OOOHhh" (in a girly voice) "A little more~"
Jaejin: He's a pervert*pointing to Hongki* Pervert... x 3
MC: Arara~well thank you
Thank you
Hongki: It's Seunghyun, I choose him.

 *omoo~ sweet hongki :D*

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