Thursday, July 18, 2013

Top 10 Place I Want To Visit in Korea!

Visit Korea. Its been my dream since I addicted with korean drama and being a kpop fangirl. kekeke ^^ Sadly until now I still don't get a chance to visit there. Hmphh maybe I need to wait another 1-2 years more *sigh. Okay, lets proceed with the Top 10 Place I Want To Visit in Korea!

#10 Public Bath House
Typical k-drama must have this scene. A scene in public bath house. I think this is part of their culture, we can find bath house everywhere in Korea! Ahh suddenly I wish Malaysia also have this bath house too -_____- Okay on this place ppl usually bath together, scrubbing their back, doing sauna, eating boiled egg (by method breaking the egg by hit it on someone head *who watched a lot kdrama will know how to do that LOL) So, when its time for me visiting Korea, I'll make sure to go this place for bathing! HAHA ikr going to Korea just for bathing on public bath house while there are still so many interesting place beside this bath house, seems desperado -____- Well, I just want experienced that. It must be great :D

#9 Bus Stop
Bus stop? HAHAHA im pretty sure some of you will laugh on me and say "WTF youre going to Korea just for visit their bus stop" Nahh, I think their bus stop is quite cool and I want to sit there whole day (im not going to take the bus) I just want to wait for my mr.cute-korean-guy to pick me up by driving his luxury fancy car and bring me to wonderful date! YEAYY!!! *keep dreaming yaa -_____-

#8 Nami Island
This is one of MUST-VISIT-PLACE whenever ppl choose Korea for their vacation. The best season visiting here is on autumn and you can see the most beautiful scenery yaw with those beautiful tree lanes! As you know this is the shooting place of famous kdrama "Winter Sonata", ouh god I wish to bring my mom here cz "Winter Sonata" is her favorite kdrama :)

#7 Namsan Tower
I'm having weird love-hate-relationship with high place and so then I wish to visit this Namsam Tower. I want to feel the cool breeze from the top of tower and "lock" my heart+wish there. Yeahh obviously my wish are "Dear God, pls keep one cute korean guy for me to be my husband".
 hehh :/ 

#6 Secret Garden House
If you never watch kdrama Secret Garden, go watch it now and im pretty sure this 'Secret Garden' house will be your Top place you want to visit! Actually I dunno though where's the exact location of this house but it seems this house is located in rural areas. IF MY FATHER ARE BILLIONAIRE, I'll ask my father to buy this house for me complete with their unique white furniture, and I want to live there quietly with my HUSBAND. YEAHHH my life complete! :p 

#5 Jeju Island
Listed as the New 7 Wonders. Somehow I couldn't understand why some ppl would complained and asked "whats so special about Jeju island till it listed as one of  7 wonders of nature?" Gawdd. Am I too much if I said u ppl who said that are almighty stupid? This place is NATURALLY BEAUTY. And I want to visit it one day to see with my own eyes this earth's most beautiful places. SUBHANALLAH :D  

#4 Supermarket
"What so great in supermarket?" 
"No supermarket in your country?"
Stop those dumb question. Hehhh :/ Nothing great in supermarket until you  found BANANA MILK SHELF. I want to buy all of them!!! Or if I could persuade the factories owner to expand the sales to my country then I'm so done. I'll live happily ahead. kekeke ^^ Okayy serious talk, I want to sip the taste of banana milk cz until now I still wondering whats so special of the taste of this milk till make my baby Taeminnie freakinly addicted with this banana milk and for sure my future hubby Lee Minho being their ambassador. The taste must be great isn't it?  

#3 Hello Kitty Cafe at Hongdae Market
ASDFGHJKL THIS HELLO KITTY CAFE ARE TOOOOOOO CUTE!!! Dun you think so? Yeah tbh I love Hello Kitty and i lovedddd pink stuff so much (uhuhh same like SHINee Key) and I wish to sip Hello Kitty Americano and eat those cute kitty waffles with Kim Kibum!!!

#2 FT Island/SHINee Dorm
DORM TOUR. I think this is all-fangirl-wish. Going Korea to having dorm tour on their favorite kpop group, lying on their bed, watch tv while eating snack with them, hmphhh just friendly reminder THIS WON'T EVER HAPPEN! *crying T_______T


Just stop the stupid drama Mynn. HAHAHA XD Actually, I found that han river is one kind of wonderful place to visit especially at night. And its even more wonderful if you go there with your boyfriend. Okayyy, since I'm single now, I'll make there with my single friend too, Jiha unnie and Tris! Cz Jiha unnie making promise with me she want to make special 'cekodok pisang' for me and eat it under Han River bridge while waiting our five treasure coming accompanying us LALALALALA dreaming againnnnn :p JUST WAITING THOSE BUDAK PULAU TO COME UNTIL YOU DEATH, THEY'RE NEVER COMING THO. KBYE.


  1. Hahaaaa...i like this...yah....its also describe what i think about korea...
    I m a fans all about korea...

  2. I like this..i m also a fan of korean things....